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By: Juma Bannister
Date: Jun 02, 2013
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After 2 years of placeholders and coming soon messages we are happy to say that OUR SITE IS UP!!!!!

relatestudiosscreenWell, you might ask, what is the big deal about this site? For one, now we have a place to say all the non-wedding-y things that we’ve always wanted to say. We can do behind the scenes, talk about our projects and others things we are into and really connect more with everyone.

In addition, this website introduces us in a whole new way  and really gives you an insight into what makes us tick. If anyone ever had a doubt, We are MUCH more than just weddings.

We were once working on a splashy custom blogsite but after much challenge, change and consideration, we decided to go simple and employ the services of who provided us with the blogsite template, that we carefully crafted to produce our site.

We want to thank everyone for being so patient but we are still adding content and we need YOUR help, to fine tune things. If you find any mistakes, typos, grammatical errors etc. Please email us CONTACT US and let us know.

We want to thank you for being part of our process and supporting us for all these years!


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