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Date: Aug 18, 2013
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We thoroughly enjoyed this film. Apart from the excellent cinematography and production, the content deals with issues of post-colonial family structure and in particular Father-Son relationships in East Indian Family context. It also has a a Major theme that maybe many Trinis (and supposedly many Caribbean people) can relate to; which is the “Ah come back from Foreign” syndrome. There is one other thing we would want to mention but its potentially a spoiler, so you’ll just have see that one  yourself.

The film is Written and Directed by Ian harnatine, Executive Produced by Spike Lee and Stars Errol Sitahal, Sanjiv Boodhu, Susan Hannays-Abraham.

Its already won Best Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 and Best Live Action Short Drama at the Genie Awards 2012 (the Canadian Academy Awards).

An excellent watch to say the least.

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