Art Exhibition by William Bannister “The Ties that Bind” | Relate Studios Trinidad Photography Studio. Award Winning Trinidad & Tobago Commercial & Wedding Photography and Workshops.
By: Juma Bannister
Date: Aug 25, 2013
Categories: Art, Family, Personal, Tobago, Trinidad
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William “Dr. WillB” Bannister who happens to be my Father (Juma) has launched his new Art Exhibition Displaying a body of work over more than two decades.

The work has a focus on certain cultural representations of Trinidad & Tobago (Steel Pan, Calypso, Carnival etc.) and is executed mostly on canvas with acrylics.  The exhibition also includes an exclusive collection of original cultural artwork painted on neckties, which by no mistake fits into the theme of “ties that bind”.

The Exhibition runs from August 24th to August 31st (independence day) at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago.

The launch was an intimate affair with friends and family. Here are some images we captured.

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