Our Shoot to Earn Interview with Aaron Dieppa | Relate Studios Trinidad Photography Studio. Award Winning Trinidad & Tobago Commercial & Wedding Photography and Workshops.

Its good to reach out to people and connect, even if its just to compliment them for some of the work they did in your neck of the woods. That’s what happened with me and Aaron a few years ago, when he shot a wedding in Tobago and posted it on his blog. I dropped him a line, told him I liked the Tobago wedding he blogged and we’ve stayed in (off and on) contact ever since.

Aaron recently launched a new website and inspirational initiative called SHOOT TO EARN (shoottoearn.com)

To quote from the website, shoot to earn is: “a group of successful photographers guiding you to help build your business into everything you want it to be.”

When Aaron asked us to be on the show we were very happy to accept because of we believe in building others through sharing of experiences…plus Aaron is a stand up guy.

You can view my interview on the STE site HERE  (I recommend you go there first)


You can view the interview below


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