Our Relationship Photography Workshop – Thank You and Photo Recap. | Relate Studios Trinidad Photography Studio. Award Winning Trinidad & Tobago Commercial & Wedding Photography and Workshops.

Well you can imagine from our silence on the interweb, we’ve been pretty busy, from weddings to commercial projects to internal building we have been pretty occupied. Not to mention the fact that the workshop was so much greater than we could have imagined. It was an excellent way to launch Elevate Caribbean and we just had to stay quiet for a while to take stock. Pause and ruminate. As I mentioned on a Facebook post and possibly in a tweet during the workshop, “Photography will never be the same”. Don’t get me wrong, this workshop did not just single-handedly change the entire landscape of photography in the world (I’m assuming 🙂 but it definitely impacted everyone who was a part and particularly Relate Studios core and extended team, including myself and Ayinde. For those who have no idea what workshop I’m talking about see here

Relationship Photography was solidified and its concepts clarified in the discussion and collaboration over the three days of workshop and of this we are sure.

Oh just so you know. Relationship Photography is not taking photographs wedding, couples, engagements, and families…its much more. Now we that we’ve shared, we have so much more to share.

We want to thank everyone who was a part of making the workshop a success. Elevate Caribbean Partner the Brightpath Foundation and its Founder Bevil Wooding. All of the workshop sponsors, Ohana Villa, Caribbean Belle Magazine, Teleios Systems, The Consulting Interface, KR Consulting and K Jameson and Associates. Mike Schultz of michaelschultzphotography.com  who came all the way from Arkansas, to share with us the process of his photography over the last few decades, that’s right, decades…his work is incredible and so is his journey. Julie Najarro who came from Texas to share with us her process and experiences as a professional editor. Sheldon Mason and ITIS Catering for the incredible food over the three days. All of the team, Relate Studios core and extended, who worked hard in the many planning meetings and who executed excellently on the ground over the three days. We also want to thank Sean and Sasha who were our models for the practical part of the workshop. We did their wedding in 2009 and they were gracious to be part of our process again.

Lastly, but not least all of the people, the beautiful participants who made the sacrifice to be a part of this ground breaking workshop. Without people to teach, nothing can be taught. We are grateful.

Thanks to anyone else we may have left out.

Anyway here are a few photos from the shop. At this point (and supplementary) we must thank Chris from Walk_On_Water PhOtOgraphy for his help with the photography, we were adamant that we were not going to take photographs unless we had to, so most of the images below were taken by him.

relationshipphotography-1 relationshipphotography-2 relationshipphotography-3  relationshipphotography-5 relationshipphotography-6 relationshipphotography-7 relationshipphotography-8 relationshipphotography-9 relationshipphotography-10 relationshipphotography-12 relationshipphotography-13 relationshipphotography-14 relationshipphotography-15 relationshipphotography-17 relationshipphotography-21 relationshipphotography-22 relationshipphotography-23 relationshipphotography-24 relationshipphotography-25 relationshipphotography-26 relationshipphotography-28 relationshipphotography-29 relationshipphotography-30 relationshipphotography-34 relationshipphotography-36 relationshipphotography-37 relationshipphotography-38 relationshipphotography-39 relationshipphotography-41 relationshipphotography-44 relationshipphotography-46 relationshipphotography-47 relationshipphotography-48  relationshipphotography-50 relationshipphotography-51 relationshipphotography-52 relationshipphotography-54 relationshipphotography-56 relationshipphotography-59 relationshipphotography-60


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