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Date: Jan 31, 2014
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At our talk this week on How to Build your Photography Team @ studio 30, we made various references to how the team has grown over the past 2+ years and the fact that building takes time, subsequently, I was in the middle of some wedding blog upgrades (we now have a pinterest button on all images) and I realized that we shared the video of the Damian & Kezia’s Engagement shoot on social media, BEFORE we launched our new wedding blog and as a result, it was never posted there.

This presented us with an opportunity, not only to put the cinema from the shoot in its rightful place but also to merge what could be separate posts into one representation of internal team collaboration expressed through the two core services we offer. In other words, this is a very small example of what seamless collaboration produces.

CLICK HERE to see the post on our wedding blog and leave your comments, on how you think the video and photographs connect with each other.

Thanks everyone.


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