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Elation abounds in the Relate Camp!

Well its finally done! This past weekend, Jamiyl, our Cinema Team Lead (and out very first additional Relate Studios Team member) got married. We want to officially say CONGRATULATIONS to him and his wife Valene! This wedding is historical for us, because its the first time we officially get to shoot a Relate team member’s wedding (Ayinde was asked to be the MC so he didn’t shoot, but it still counts 🙂 Jamiyl joined us three years ago in a time of massive internal shift and development in Relate Studios. He then proceeded to grab and internalize everything Relate had to offer and he truly became an owner of Relate. He developed rapidly as a cinematographer and matured even more so as a person.

We are greatly joyed to see him and Valene married, not only is it a pristine example of what Relate is all about but it also adds one more to our family.

In commemoration of this great occasion, we have two sets of photographs for you, a few from the wedding then some throwback Jamiyl in action at Relate shots.

jamiylface-16jamiylface-17jamiylface-21 jamiylface-20

Now for the throwbacks…jamiylface-1jamiylface-2jamiylface-4jamiylface-5jamiylface-6jamiylface-7 jamiylface-9

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