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Date: Jul 16, 2015
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Yesterday the FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS July 2015 collection came out and we happy to get another FEARLESS Award.

This image is from Noel & Vanessa’s Tobago Wedding @ Soleil Villa, last year. Sometimes you enter an image into a competition and you ask yourself “is this the right version?” or “Is this good enough to win?” With this particular image, there was no speculation. We loved it and knew it was going to win an award.  Its a beautiful, powerful image. The contrast of Noel & Vanessa’s skin, the touching of the palms, the smile on Vanessa’s face; It says relationship, it says love and its an absolutely fearless image.

Every quarter, thousands of images are submitted by photographers all over the world and we are happy to continue to represent Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean by being ranked with the best of the best.

You can see Noel & Vanessa’s full wedding gallery HERE

All of the July 2015 Fearless awards can been see HERE or on Facebook HERE


As a treat, here is the karaoke we sang at the wedding

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Please read this out loud to yourself in the voice of the movie guy, no seriously... do it,…
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