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Relate Leadership

relateteam-2Juma Bannister – Company Lead / Creative Director

Juma, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Relate Studios, has been pursuing photography for over 11 years. During this time he has grown to be highly regarded by his peers and clients alike for his creativity and insight. He has a love for candid photography and is able to depict the emotion in his subjects powerfully.

In 2010 he co-founded Relate Studios with Ayinde Smith.  Under his leadership, Relate has grown into one of the top wedding and portrait studios in the Caribbean.

Relate functions and exists on the simple core philosophy; people take precedent over “things” and intangibles taking precedent over tangibles. This is captured in the statement “Relationship is more important…”, a phrase coined by Juma in the early days of Relate.  In addition to building Relate, Juma has done quite extensive work in youth development through various NGOs, an area that is close to his heart.

Juma resides in Trinidad & Tobago he married to Brenda and together they have two beautiful daughters.

relateteam-4Ayinde Smith –  Studio Director

Ayinde has a signature style that is both intimate and abstract.  He has cultivated a unique aesthetic over his 14 years in photography that focuses on the ‘heart’ of his subject, and telling its story.  His incorporation of unexpected design and graphic elements into his compositions is always cleverly done to add drama to what is unfolding.

Relate also provides communications design services and runs developmental photography workshops, especially for youth in local communities.  This is in keeping with Ayinde’s desire to mentor young people in order to help usher them into their full potential.

Ayinde attained a Masters of Science in Marketing with distinction from the University of the West Indies, graduating in the top three of his class. He also has an array of diplomas and certificates in Marketing, Computer Graphics, Communications Design, Art and Photography.

Ayinde and his wife are the proud parents of two daughters, and reside in Trinidad & Tobago.






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