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Relate is a Relationship-Led Strategic Marketing & Production Company

We help Caribbean businesses build long-term relationships with customers and employees using high quality, useful, video, photography and live streaming content.

We’ve built our company on the philosophy that relationship is fundamental to success. Which we’ve encapsulated in the statement “It’s Good to Relate”.

We believe that good, long-term customer and employee relationships is the key factor to sustainable growth and profitability.

We understand that it is impossible for the leadership of a business to personally interact with every customer or employee. We believe with the right content, customers and employees can get to know a business, what values it stands for and the transformation it brings.

What we do goes beyond good marketing; it’s about using high quality, useful marketing content, to build long-term relationships.

Our role is to listen carefully to your goals and help you to plan and create relevant, compelling video, photography and live streaming content that keeps your good customer and employee relationships strong over time.

We have strong leadership, the ABSOLUTE BEST people on our core team and an extensive network of collaborators.

We are highly skilled, greatly creative and deliver with consistency, but the thing that sets us apart, is we live our CORE VALUES everyday.

More than just liked or admired, we are trusted.

Our Day 1 Team.

We don’t just talk relationship, we live it.

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Juma Bannister

Juma is Co-founder and Creative Director of Relate Studios and oversees the strategic direction of the company.

He is an award winning photographer and content creator with over 20 years of experience working in creative industries including print, graphic design, advertising, website design, photography and in recent years video creation and content strategy.

Juma has worked throughout the Caribbean training content creators and was one of the six persons to receive the Caribbean Tech Innovators award in 2013 for his contributions in the area of digital photography training, through the Elevate Caribbean initiative.

Currently, Juma is focused on helping businesses to develop content and strategies to build long term relationships with their customers and employees and stand out in the noise of online content.

Juma has a desire to contribute to Caribbean development and particularly youth. He uses his personal social media platforms to share video content which gives useful instruction, shows how-tos, and answers questions about marketing, content creation and video strategy. This content is specifically targeted at entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Over the past 2 years he has created over 500 pieces of content including more than 400 videos and hosted 75 episodes of his live show; The Useful Content Creation show where he interviews content creators from all around the world.

Juma is married and he and his wife have 2 beautiful daughters.

Co-Founder, Studio Director

Ayinde Smith

Ayinde has worked in the communications sector for the past 23 years and has extensive experience in developing effective visual communications. He is a qualified Marketing Consultant, Professional Photographer and Educator.
Director of Operations

Marie Youssef-Smith

Marie Youssef Smith is a Management Consultant with Process Management at the core of her service offering. For the last 26 years Marie has worked extensively in the UK and across both Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in both the Private and Public Sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. She is also an experienced workshop facilitator.
Lead Editor & Cinematographer

Nicholas Winter

Nicholas is highly skilled editor and cinematographer with over 10 years video production and editing experience. He had worked as the video lead on several high profile events throughout the Caribbean and always delivers the highest quality images and final edits.


Relate was founded in 2011, as a photography and video services company.

We are from the Caribbean.
Based in Trinidad & Tobago.

In our early development we focused on serving clients in the thriving Caribbean Destination Wedding Industry. Through this we’ve won multiple awards for our imagery and covered hundreds of destination weddings in countries throughout the Caribbean, North America and on the African continent.

In recent years we’ve evolved to provide world class Digital Content, Strategy and Marketing Services to corporate clients in multiple sectors, including Energy, Financial, Technology, Hospitality, Education and Non-profit, traveling across the Caribbean and to two continents.

(If we have to nitpick, it really started in 2006 as Flowfoto Photography but was given new life as Relate when Ayinde and Juma started working together sometime in 2008. The business was legally registered in 2011. You know how these things go, businesses rarely have a fixed start date)

Our Core Values.

Relationship is Key

We believe that healthy interactions increase productivity and provide a path for individual and organisational growth.

The Value of Fit

Each person on our team is valuable and has a fit. The more you discover your fit the more you bring value to the whole.

Personal Development

Beyond the work, the Relate environment helps our team develop in all areas of life.


What we say, do and present is who we are.

Purpose First

Our main focus is not profit, notoriety or accolades.

The Need for Inquiry

We don’t assume we know it all, we always search for more.


We are Caribbean born but we have global vision.

I would like to say a special thanks to you and the relate team for your tireless work on this...the quality of the finished product blew me away!

Adio ThompsonAtlantic LNG

You can trust us to work with you
to accomplish your business goals.