Original Team at Jamily’s Wedding. 
(left to right) Nicholas, Ayinde, Jamiyl and Juma. 
Relate was founded in 2011, as a photography and video services company.

We are from the Caribbean.
Based in Trinidad & Tobago.

In our early development we focused on serving clients in the thriving Caribbean Destination Wedding Industry. Through this we’ve won multiple awards for our imagery and covered hundreds of destination weddings in countries throughout the Caribbean, North America and on the African continent.

In recent years we’ve evolved to provide world class Digital Content, Strategy and Marketing Services to corporate clients in multiple sectors, including Energy, Financial, Technology, Hospitality, Education and Non-profit, traveling across the Caribbean and to two continents.

(If we have to nitpick, it really started in 2006 as Flowfoto Photography but was given new life as Relate when Ayinde and Juma started working together sometime in 2008. The business was legally registered in 2011. You know how these things go, businesses rarely have a fixed start date)

Our Core Values.

Relationship is Key

We believe that healthy interactions increase productivity and provide a path for individual and organisational growth.

The Value of Fit

Each person on our team is valuable and has a fit. The more you discover your fit the more you bring value to the whole.

Personal Development

Beyond the work, the Relate environment helps our team develop in all areas of life.


What we say, do and present is who we are.

Purpose First

Our main focus is not profit, notoriety or accolades.

The Need for Inquiry

We don’t assume we know it all, we always search for more.


We are Caribbean born but we have global vision.

it was a pleasure meeting you last week...you guys are absolutely awesome and made the whole experience so special. Your warmth and passion came out in every picture and we are so happy to have partnered with you for it!

Nikesha Ramnarace RampersadSenior Accountant - George CPA

You can trust us to work with you
to accomplish your business goals.